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American Surplus Inc. buys and sells used warehouse storage and used material handling equipment, and has an outstanding reputation of working with our customers to get them the right equipment they need quickly, and at the most competitive price available. Since 1992 we have been providing used pallet racking, used conveyors, used steel shelving, used mezzanines, and much more. 


Challenge us to get answers to your warehouse storage or material handling problems, issues, or concerns. We have an incredibly large inventory of used equipment on hand and should have no problem finding you the right product in a timely fashion.


With over 530,000 square feet of inventory in our warehouse, ASI is the largest used material handling dealer in the country. All of our inventory is stored indoors, so weather damage is not a concern when buying used equipment from us. Our main facility is located in RI, but we have shipping locations throughout the nation. This allows us to ship nationally while still maintaining competitive freight rates.


ASI also buys used material handling equipment, warehouse equipment, and industrial storage equipment. All used equipment must be in good working condition for ASI to consider purchasing it. We regularly buy large quantities of used conveyor, used mezzanines, used steel shelving, used pallet rack, and much, much more! Call us today to speak with Mike Cienava II from our Purchasing Department.


Call us today for a free quote, and quantity discounts are available. All pricing is listed as "as low as". The prices that are displayed are dependent on the quantity desired, the capacity required, and the condition. Installation services are also available, ensuring that your used material handling equipment is installed properly in as little time as possible.

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Used Conveyor Curves
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Used Conveyor Curves For Sale


Used Spiral Conveyor Curves for Sale

Used Spiral Conveyor Curves  Used Spiral Conveyor Curves

Used Ryson International Spiral Conveyor Curves


  • Bottom Feed Height: 31.5"
  • Top Feed Height: 22'-1"
  • Inside Radius: 22.5"
  • Outside Radius: 48.5"
  • Overall Bed Width: 29" with 25-5/8" Overlapping Slats
  • Overall Unit Width: 100"


(3) In Stock


$22,000 Each

Used Spiral Conveyor Curves  Used Spiral Conveyor Curves

Used Transnorm Systems Spiral Conveyor Curves


  • Bottom Feed Height: 30"
  • Top Feed Height: 13'-6"
  • Inside Radius: 39"
  • Outside Radius: 64"
  • Overall Bed Width: 29" with 23" Belt
  • Overall Unit Width: 130"


(2) In Stock


$13,000 Each


Used Continuous Rotation Powered Turntable


       Continuous Turntable

Used Continuous Rotation Powered Turntable

360 Degree continuous rotation

20" Wide feed and exit lanes

1/4" Thick Steel plate carrier platform

(8) 5" Diameter Heavy duty rubber covered caster support rotation of turntable carrier platform


1 In Stock 


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $5,295



Our Price: $2,995

(Over 40% OFF)







Used Conveyor Curves for Sale

Roller or belt style conveyor curves

Power conveyor curves are slaved or independently driven

30, 45, 60, 90, 180 degree curves

18" - 48" wide conveyor curves

Used Conveyor Curves for Sale Used Conveyor Curves for Sale Used Conveyor Curves for Sale
        180 Degree Power Curve                              90 Degree Power Curve                         270 Degree Live Roller Curve


Used Belted Conveyor Curves for Sale

Portec curves

Belted conveyor curves

Spiral conveyor curves

Lift curves

Used Conveyor Curves for Sale Used Conveyor Curves for Sale Used Conveyor Curves for Sale
   180 Degree Portec Belt Curve                                Belted Curves                                      18" - 48" Wide Curves


Used Gravity Conveyor Spurs for Sale

Gravity Roller spurs are used in merging or diverging applications

They are ideally used where numerous lines must transfer onto a main conveyor line

Available in 90 degree, 45 degree & 30 degree spurs

Spurs available straight and curved.

Used Conveyor Curves for Sale Used Conveyor Curves for Sale Used Conveyor Curves for Sale
              Left Spur Curve                                              Right Spur Curve                                  Gravity Spur Curve

*Price and product availability subject to change without notice.  Call today for free quote 800-876-3736 


Quantity discounts available on used conveyor curves. 30 day ASI guarantee on all used conveyors, 50 - 80% off the price of new. Call 800-876-3736 for more information & a free quote. American Surplus will provide a quote on new equipment if used is unavailable. Nationwide shipping is available. 


Conveyor power curves merge components of an in-line power conveyor system, used to reconstruct the product direction.  This helps transport product to the desired location efficiently without redesigning the entire conveyor system.


ASI has a variety of power curve conveyors in stock with widths ranging from one to four feet.  We also carry line shaft or belt driven conveyor power curves to meet your specific warehouse needs.



Used conveyor curves are designed to move and interact with other conveyor components conveying various types of material from one direction and/or level to another within a distribution center/warehouse as a means of reducing travel time.

The complexity when updating or replacing used curves requires dealing with the numerous number of conveyor types, sizes and drives. Many used dealers don’t have the experience or inventory to handle filling an order of used conveyor curves. ASI has been involved in providing its customers with all types of gravity and power conveyor curves and other such components for over 23 years.

Our free services include planning, sale of all types of conveyor and installation nationwide. Customers are encouraged to visit our headquarters, warehouse storage and shops to both inspect and see units in operation. All conveyor sales are covered by both a lowest price and 30 day guarantee. You will be satisfied.

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